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Founding AI Engineer



Software Engineering, Data Science
Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Founding AI Engineer

If you’re interested in Extend, or you just want to learn more, please email us at and we’re more than happy to jump on a call!

About Us

We believe that every business action can be enhanced through intelligent automation. Our versatile and intuitive AI tools are designed to fully equip enterprises, freeing team members from manual, mundane tasks, and unlocking opportunities for more engaging, fulfilling work.
At Extend, we want to transform the way work is done entirely — by allowing our customers to design, outline, and perfect their business processes with just a few clicks.
Today, we're growing fast and excited for new teammates to join us who are the best at what they do. We're passionate about building a company as diverse and driven towards the mission as we are.

The Role

As a Founding AI Engineer at Extend, you’ll be responsible for the development and refinement of the AI infrastructure that powers our current data extraction product, as well as new products that will be crucial in automating enterprise workflows.
You will:
Build, and maintain, durable, scalable infrastructure capable of processing millions of documents per month particularly related to calls to LLMs and the reliability of the output.
Design and implement novel prompts and techniques to coax the best outputs from different LLMs. We are building a new territory of enterprise AI that previously did not exist. It’s up to us to discover and implement the best techniques that work for our users.
Innovate with the latest models and advancements in Generative AI to determine the best model for a given use case.
Have complete ownership over the work you do — as a founding team member, you’ll have the opportunity to truly own large areas of product and engineering and have direct relationship with customers.
Work directly with the CEO, CTO, and other founding members and help build out our team.
Our tech stack:
OpenAI / Azure OpenAI (LLM)
NodeJS + Express (Backend)
Postgres (DB) + objection.js (ORM)
If you, like us, believe that AI can transform the way enterprises work, this role is a great fit for you.

About You

Experience building LLM applications — While the technology is new, you have experience building LLM-related projects and are familiar with both the advantages of the technology and also its limitations. You also have experience in prompt engineering and keep up with the latest advancements in LLMs.
Entrepreneurial drive — You’re able to work without explicit direction, at times. As a founding member, you’ll be expected to be OK with the level of ambiguity that comes with an early-stage startup while also seeking out solutions to problems.
Strong communicator — As an early-stage startup, there will be lots of changes and ambiguity in the beginning. You should be comfortable sharing your feedback early, and often, and you should be comfortable bringing up product ideas frequently.


Top-of-the-market compensation — At Extend, we will offer top-of-the-market (90th+ percentile) compensation in both cash and equity. We believe that the best candidates deserve the best compensation, and we will ensure that it happens.
High impact — You’ll be joining as founding member of the team, and as such you will have a high level of ownership and influence over the direction of the company.


If you’re interested, please send an email with your resume, LinkedIn, or Github to