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Product (Design) Engineer in Paris, France

Product, Design
Posted on Monday, November 20, 2023

Product (Design) Engineer in Paris, France

Location: Paris, France
Team: Technical staff
Job type: Full time

A bit about Dust

At Dust we want to provide knowledge workers who spend their day at a computer and the teams they’re part of the tools to get better work done, faster.
It’s disappointing to see how much time is still wasted interacting with software that doesn’t quite “get it”. Small tasks. Repetitive tasks. Tasks that wouldn’t need to be done in the first place if the right amount of context had been shared in time.
Most knowledge workers aren’t developers. Software that will really help them have to be powerful but also simple to use and customise to their unique needs and personality. With the right tools, we believe we can ultimately give the world’s 1 billion knowledge workers 25% of their time back. So they can move on to do more rewarding and interesting things.
We’re excited to build products that humans use to be better versions of themselves. We’re not here to replace humans, though. We don’t mind a robot analogy, but then it’s got to be R2-D2, not Skynet. Check out our Product Constitution on
As tools come, Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-4 or Mistral are already very powerful but still often unwieldy and, as a result, vastly underused. Rather than focus too much on developing other or even smarter models, Dust focuses on the products, interfaces, and experiences users have with applications that leverage the power of LLMs with the context of the internal data and documents they interact with day-to-day.

A Bit about Us

We’re a small, determined, team of optimists that like to focus on users, get (great) things done by shipping, and don’t take themselves too seriously doing so.
We’ve been founders before. We’ve worked at Stripe, Alan, and OpenAI. We know what a few empowered people working together well and with a clear purpose can achieve. We want to build a team that remains as small as it can be while serving users incredibly well.

A bit about the Role

As a product design engineer on Dust’s technical staff, you will work on the experiences users have with Dust. This will require understanding users’ needs and appreciating the emotional experience humans have with software. We’re looking for someone with a passion for positively delightful interactions with software and all-round great skills around execution with code.


Build conviction on the pain points of our users in their day-to-day activities that we should solve for.
Shape the products and experiences that elegantly address these pain points in close partnership with product engineers.
Bring to life what Dust’s products look and feel like when users first discover them and then use them day after day.
Prioritise frontend efforts to continuously improve users’ experience, maxime the value they get from using Dust, and increase Dust’s impact as a result
Keep a keen eye and an open mind for opportunities in the exciting and ever-changing field of generative artificial intelligence where many UX paradigms are still to be defined.


Experience at a software company in one or several frontend engineer, design system engineer, design engineer, or similar roles
A tireless curiosity for users and how they think about and interact with software products
Conviction on what makes an experience with software memorable
A genuine interest in the developing field of artificial intelligence in general and large language models in particular
Strong written and verbal communication skills and an ability to deftly articulate situations for others to easily absorb
Robust collaboration skills and the desire to be a part of a team
20+ years of experience with design systems and React. Or not.
The ability to bring amazing design to life in software products, caring about the small details that matter.
A willingness to defend views with conviction and arguments but also gracefully change them when new information requires it
A data-driven mindset that can reason insightfully about complex or even incomplete analyses
A do-what-it-takes, results-oriented attitude that can effectively prioritise tasks without lingering on the parts that won’t make a difference.
You should still consider applying, even if you don’t strictly meet all the requirements above. We’re hiring humans and each experience is unique. It’s alright to have a less common profile or background, as long as you feel determined to put it to work in your own way in the service of our users.

Compensation and Benefits

We offer competitive compensation packages: salary, equity, benefits including great healthcare insurance, and perks such as a generous paid parental leave.
The annual salary for this role typically ranges from €60,000 to €150,000.
If you decide to join us, your total compensation package will be refined during the course of your interview process, based on your experience and the level of impact we agree you can have at Dust. We’ll remain transparent and direct with you about this as we get to know you better.

Hesitating? Dust do it.