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Senior Engineering Program Manager, Generative ML



Software Engineering, Operations, Data Science
London, UK
Posted on Friday, February 2, 2024
Who are we?
Our mission is to scale intelligence to serve humanity. We’re training and deploying frontier models for developers and enterprises who are building AI systems to power magical experiences like content generation, semantic search, RAG, and agents. We believe that our work is instrumental to the widespread adoption of AI.
We obsess over what we build. Each one of us is responsible for contributing to increasing the capabilities of our models and the value they drive for our customers. We like to work hard and move fast to do what’s best for our customers.
Cohere is a team of researchers, engineers, designers, and more, who are passionate about their craft. Each person is one of the best in the world at what they do. We believe that a diverse range of perspectives is a requirement for building great products.
Join us on our mission and shape the future!
Why this Role?
A Cohere Engineering Program Manager is seen as an operational expert specializing in cross-functional efforts. While the role is still relatively new - we are a startup, after all - the EPM team already has a battle-tested reputation of adding significant value. Staff with this title will be expected to both show up like an owner to strategically plan ahead, and constantly go “hands-on” to tactically execute.
Candidates will be successful at Cohere if they thrive in an environment containing a high level of change and ambiguity. Natural skill in developing relationships with smart and stubborn people, creative lateral thinking skills in new situations, and proven organizational abilities across a tangle of work streams are critical for an EPM to build trust, solve problems, and add value.
EPMs with these skills will be uniquely rewarded at Cohere. They will build strong 1:1 partnerships with the best people in the AI industry. They will immediately have leadership opportunities across Cohere, with company-level visibility and impact. At this stage in the company where we’re helping to define the industry but have significant customers, the EPM expertise they bring will have an incredible multiplier effect on success; you can essentially change things as fast as you can execute on them.
And candidates will be exposed to and get to learn amazing new things. LLMs are one of the most important technologies of our generation, and EPMs will be deeply immersed in the area alongside executive, research, development, marketing, and sales teams in contexts and scenarios they wouldn’t get anywhere else. One minute they might be taking notes in a XF meeting you’re running with a key Cohere customer, the next minute they might be DMing our CEO with an ask from their teams.
Please Note: While we are a remote-first company, for this role, we prefer candidates on the U.S. East Coast or in Europe (to more closely collaborate with the relevant teams) and have offices in Toronto, NYC and London.

As an Engineering Program Manager, you will:

  • Break down complex and ambiguous issues into strategies to drive engineering effort forward and creatively attack and resolve blocking issues.
  • Troubleshoot cross-team challenges and build dependable partnerships both within ML & engineering and with other departments like product, business, and marketing.
  • Both own and enable a useful communication flow of priorities, ideas, and knowledge throughout all layers of the tech organization.
  • Ensure the your program & projects are represented to other Cohere teams, to and from company leadership, and with external partners & customers.
  • Understand the product and technical context of your programs, such that you can independently interface with all program stakeholders.
  • Respond quickly to program-level changes, clarifying new scope and marshaling resources in response to evolving priorities.
  • Project positivity, calm, and competency in all your interactions.

As a Cohere EPM specializing in Generative ML:

  • Partner directly with Gen ML modeling leadership & members of technical staff on efforts to design, train and improve our core generative models.
  • Coordinate across ML partner teams like Data, Evaluation, and Safety, and Engineering partner teams like Model Efficiency and Model.
  • Serving on cross-team planning and execution to deliver Generative models more safely, faster, and more reliably.
  • Work with other Cohere organizations like Product, Marketing, and Business to strategically develop and represent our Generative technical solutions both inside and outside the company.

You may be a good fit if you:

  • Have fundamental knowledge of how machine learning works, and basic knowledge of NLP and Large Language Models (LLM).
  • Have personal hands-on understanding of the unique challenges of managing projects and programs in the AI/ML development space (be prepared for us to ask you about your experiences in this area).
  • Have a background of being “process-agnostic” in your approach to leading projects & programs; you aren’t tied to a specific framework, but can be flexible and adapt to any given situation.
  • Have the capacity for critical self-reflection, a thorough understanding of your own strengths and weakness, and the desire to improve your professional capabilities over time.
  • For a Cohere EPM specializing in Generative ML
  • Have 10+ years with Engineering Program Manager or Technical Program Manager as your job title.
  • Have 5+ years of experience working directly on an AI/ML-powered product or feature.
  • You will be preferred if you: Have hands-on professional experience with large language models (LLMs) and/or you have experience helping to develop large foundation models.
If some of the above doesn’t line up perfectly with your experience, we still encourage you to apply! If you consider yourself a thoughtful worker, a lifelong learner, and a kind and playful team member, Cohere is the place for you.
We value and celebrate diversity and strive to create an inclusive work environment for all. We welcome applicants of all kinds and are committed to providing an equal opportunity process. Cohere provides accessibility accommodations during the recruitment process. Should you require any accommodation, please let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs.
Our Perks:
🤝 An open and inclusive culture and work environment
🧑‍💻 Work closely with a team on the cutting edge of AI research
🍽 Weekly lunch stipend, in-office lunches & snacks
🦷 Full health and dental benefits, including a separate budget to take care of your mental health
🐣 100% Parental Leave top-up for 6 months for employees based in Canada, the US, and the UK
🎨 Personal enrichment benefits towards arts and culture, fitness and well-being, quality time, and workspace improvement
🏙 Remote-flexible, offices in Toronto, New York, San Francisco and London and co-working stipend
✈️ 6 weeks of vacation
Note: This post is co-authored by both Cohere humans and Cohere technology.