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Data Annotation - Safety tasks / Content Moderation



Posted on Thursday, January 25, 2024
Who are we?
Our mission is to scale intelligence to serve humanity. We’re training and deploying frontier models for developers and enterprises who are building AI systems to power magical experiences like semantic search, RAG, and agents. We believe that our work is instrumental to the widespread adoption of AI.
We obsess over what we build. Each one of us is responsible for contributing to increasing the capabilities of our models and the value they drive for our customers. We like to work hard and move fast to do what’s best for our customers.
Cohere is a team of researchers, engineers, designers, and more, who are passionate about their craft. Each person is the one of the best in the world at what they do. We believe that a diverse range of perspectives is a requirement for building great products.
Join us on our mission and shape the future!
Why this role?
We are on a mission to build machines that understand the world and make them safely accessible to all. Data quality is foundational to this process. Machines (or Large Language Models to be exact) learn in similar ways to humans - by way of feedback. By labeling, ranking, auditing, and correcting text output, you will improve Large Language Model’s performance for iterations to come, thus having a lasting impact on Cohere’s tech. Cohere is looking for dynamic and dedicated Data Annotators with backgrounds and skills in Safety or Content Moderation.
IMPORTANT CONTEXT ON THIS ROLE: In this position, you will be asked to engage with human-generated and model-generated tasks which will sometimes mean intentional exposure to explicit content. Your annotations on these explicit tasks will be used to prevent the Large Language Model from generating unintentional or adversarial toxic or unsafe outputs. The types of explicit content you may be exposed to may include but are not limited to those of a sexual, violent, or psychologically disturbing nature.

As a Data Quality Specialist on safety task, you will:

  • Improve Model Safety: Label, proofread, and improve machine-written and human-written generations, ensuring data integrity and quality. This will include work with content of a sexual, violent, or psychologically disturbing nature.
  • Reading and Text-Based Tasks: Efficiently complete reading and text-based assignments, with high attention to detail.
  • Preference-Based Tasks: Evaluate and complete tasks, assessing which responses best conform to our style guide.
  • Provide Feedback: Collaborate and communicate effectively, providing feedback to cross-functional team members.
  • Detail-Oriented Execution: Maintain meticulous attention to detail while performing repetitive and precise tasks.

You may be a good fit if you have:

  • 1+ years of experience in Content Moderation and/or Trust and Safety.
  • Emotional resilience: An understanding that this role requires annotating texts that contain unsafe, explicit, and/or toxic content, including content of a sexual, violent, or psychologically disturbing nature.
  • Excellent command of written English. Expert reading and writing skills, which you are ready to prove on our written assessment. Bonus points if you are fluent in another language!
  • Strong attention to detail and commitment to accuracy— you’re the type to proofread all of your emails!
  • High tolerance for repetitive and monotonous work + superb sense of urgency and time management.

What is the candidate journey:

  • Initial Screening— Once you have submitted your application our Talent Team will review your resume and writing samples.
  • Virtual Meet & Greet— If selected to move forward, you will have a short video call with a member of our Operations team!
  • Practical Assessment— This assignment will test your written skill through various language-based tasks, such as a writing sample, interacting with a chatbot, and more.
  • Emotional Resilience Assessment - This assessment will assess your ability to handle stress and your skills in coping with difficult situations.
  • Offer— Independent Contractor Agreement.
We value and celebrate diversity and strive to create an inclusive work environment for all. We welcome applicants of all kinds and are committed to providing an equal opportunity process. Cohere provides accessibility accommodations during the recruitment process. Should you require any accommodation, please let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs.
Our Perks:
🤝 An open and inclusive culture and work environment
🧑‍💻 Work with cutting-edge AI technology
🪴 A vibrant & central location
🥨 A great selection of office snacks
🏆 Performance-based incentives